If you’d like to get to know me a little better, then this journal section is the place for you. 🙂

Latest Posts:

  • Why My Long-distance Relationship is Thriving
    Shira and I have been in a long-distance relationship since December 2018. We were friends first and now our relationship is thriving.
  • Laptop acquired. No excuses now!
    I wonder if there was ever a time when a writer blamed their procrastination on not having the best lightweight typewriter? Alternatively, they had a large, powerful unit with sharp keystrokes complete with plentiful ink to keep the letters striking the page for years to come. Instead of focusing, the author would proclaim it was useless to attempt working as their surroundings were just inadequate. …
  • Becoming an author
    I’m not particularly comfortable with the concept that my post title suggests. That being, that one can decide to become an author. It feels more akin to something that resides within you from birth. Indeed, this applies to me.

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