What is the Passover Seder?

I’ve heard of Passover all my life, knowing that it was a Jewish holiday surrounding The Exodus. Admittingly, that was as far as my knowledge base went on the subject until recently. However, I still probably couldn’t pass a multiple-choice quiz on the holiday and its traditions. It’s time I learned all that I can, as my girlfriend is Jewish, and her mother is a … Continue reading What is the Passover Seder?

Laptop acquired. No excuses now!

I wonder if there was ever a time when a writer blamed their procrastination on not having the best lightweight typewriter? Alternatively, they had a large, powerful unit with sharp keystrokes complete with plentiful ink to keep the letters striking the page for years to come. Instead of focusing, the author would proclaim it was useless to attempt working as their surroundings were just inadequate. … Continue reading Laptop acquired. No excuses now!

Becoming an author

I’m not particularly comfortable with the concept that my post title suggests. That being, that one can decide to become an author. It feels more akin to something that resides within you from birth. Indeed, this applies to me. Continue reading Becoming an author

Flash Fiction: March

My heart pumped hard to the drum of their march. When they stuttered, my breath staggered. A symphony of blasts layered over the disorganizing rhythm. Short, piercing pops echoed through the agonizing screams to form the harrowing melody. I fell face-first as the song’s now erratic beat quietened.
Then, silence. Continue reading Flash Fiction: March

Can You See the Great Wall of China from Space?

You’ve probably heard at least once in your life that the Great Wall of China is the only man-made object that can be seen from space. Is this true though? What about the pyramids or the great cities that have skyscrapers that reach into the clouds? The Great Wall of China is not visible to the naked eye from space, including low-earth orbit. The Wall, … Continue reading Can You See the Great Wall of China from Space?

Should I Hire a Lawyer for My NIW Petition?

After deciding to pursue immigration to the United States with an NIW, you’ll have to decide whether you will hire a lawyer to prepare your petition or if you opt to do it yourself. Hiring a lawyer for an NIW petition streamlines the process and increases the likelihood that your petition will be successful. However, this service will cost around $5,000 and you still need … Continue reading Should I Hire a Lawyer for My NIW Petition?

The Three Prongs of the NIW

As discussed in my earlier post, an NIW is an advantageous method for qualified individuals to start the process toward a green card. This method allows the petitioner to receive a waiver of a job offer before labor certification. The NIW petition, however, is complicated and certain evidence must be provided by the foreign national. The core of any NIW petition is satisfying the three … Continue reading The Three Prongs of the NIW

What is the National Interest Wavier (NIW)?

Unless you are familiar with United States immigration processes, you’ve probably never heard of the national interest waiver (NIW). Even then, the NIW is a path to a green card reserved for the select few. For them though, the NIW is the first step towards becoming a permeant resident in the United States. The national interest waiver (NIW) is an employment-based petition in the EB2 … Continue reading What is the National Interest Wavier (NIW)?

10 Foods with Hidden Secrets

It’s amazing what is really in our food these days with all the regulations and improved manufacturing techniques. You’d think by now our food supply would be clean, transparent, and safe. Here though are ten foods with some disturbing secrets their manufactures would wish remained hidden. 1. Canned Mushrooms This is seemingly a relatively unprocessed food. It should only contain mushrooms and some preservatives. However, … Continue reading 10 Foods with Hidden Secrets


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